BeoPlay A5

(Disclaimer: This is not a commercial product and is not produced by Bang & Olufsen. Design rights accrue B&O, for more information contact Hans Christian Thisen at

My master project was written in collaboration with Bang and Olufsen, and concerned wireless speakers and how they should be designed and function within a modern home. The project had a strong focus on interpreting how people perceive music, involving trends, culture and usage. Furthermore combing and condensing this into a meaningful vision which describes the very essence of what the product experience should look like. Thereby giving a clear, but still open design direction which could be used to create an array of different products that all express the same clear idea and values. By combining theories from Robert Varganti and Donald A. Norman we created a design-tool which assisted this process of designing, and gave us a clear understanding of how we should approach the design process of a modern wireless speakers for Bang & Olufsen.